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One of the biggest things that stands out to me is the lighting. There's evidently a major light source from the right, but it's a little inconsistent on the figure; the shirt's light comes from the left, the face is lit straight on, the dog, shoes and pants all come from the right. I would make the tornado side of the background a lot darker (which is logical, a tornado would originate from a dark thundercloud) to make the main light source more obvious, as well as making the main source of light on the body from the right.

I see that your light source is pretty yellow. I would try making an overlay layer on photoshop, and using that color lay down the lighting all over the figure. Do the same with the purple shade in another multiply layer. You'll likely have to tone down the layers, but it's a really good way to immediately show your light source in the picture as a whole instead of fragmented.

I would also add the cast shadows from the bench, dog and figure on the grass, that will also really help with showing the light source. The dog's butt should be in the shadow of his leg a little also.

You've done a really good job with anatomy, with both the dog and the figure. One thing I would do is make the feet a little bigger, they seem a little small proportionally. The far shoulder is also pushed forward a little too much. In addition, I would make the shoulder muscles (deltoids) a bit thicker to add a little more definition.

Oh, one more thing in regards to lighting. The lightning in the background should cause a bright white on that side of the body. Because it's coming from away from the viewer, we'll only see a sliver of it on the edge of the figure.

I hope this helps! You've done a great job already, I just wanted to be as specific as possible on the lighting. <3
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AngelicRoyalty Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Babycakes thank you so much for the critique. I'm going to use this to work on it! THANK YOU SO MUCH. <3 <3 <3
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